Innovative Robertson farmer, Louis Loubser, is an avid inventor who has devised a number of implements to improve production efficiency since he started farming almost 10 years ago. His latest invention focuses on cutting water and energy use in orchards.

These include a device with movable excavators that can dig up to 1 360 planting holes per hour, and a pole planter that allows workers to do the job in less than a quarter of the time it normally takes.

However, it is his latest invention, the Tree Hog, that has caused the most stir in the industry as it is responsible for significantly cutting water and energy use in orchards. “I feel as if I am in a daze,” he says.



Mnr. Louis Loubser, vrugte-en-wynboer van Robertson, is die uitvinder van die Tree Hog, ’n oënskynlik eenvoudige boereplan wat onder meer besproeiingstyd met tot 62% verkort en plantontwikkeling verbeter. Foto: Lucille Both

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